The Uses of Decomposed Granite (Gravel)

The quality of the material is suitable for a G5/G6 specification as per TRH road designs and specifications used by Consulting Engineers throughout the country.

These suitable uses include:

  • Subbase for road construction or repair,
  • The top dressing of gravel roads,
  • Mixing with lime to produce an excellent subbase layer used in major road construction (Passing a C4 specification in TRH Road Design),
  • Mixed with bitumen to produce a “Foamed bitumen” layer which can be used very effectively and economically in upgrading the road infrastructure in the rural areas around KZN,
  • The ease with which the material is processed makes it very popular with the Driveway Specialists as the base course for driveways before they lay their “premix carpet”,
  • The overburden is used extensively at the Landfill sites as a cover material. The quarry has over the years constantly supplied Mariannhill Landfill Site with cover material,
  • Backfill material to be used behind Retaining walls. Some Engineers specify Decomposed Granite as the Backfill material because of its ease in processing the material and the ease to stabilize with lime or cement.
  • For base layers under factory floors, concrete slabs, houses, etc
  • For fill material behind retaining walls, garden wall, pools, etc
  • For horse arena’s for jumping, dressage, etc, (G7)
  • Etc, etc