About Us

Stockville Quarries is a Decomposed Granite (gravel) quarry in the Westmead area, just outside Pinetown.


The Quarry’s approved Environmental Management Plan has been followed with the end result being GIBA BUSINESS PARK. IE – we are rehabilitating the Quarry area to provide platforms for Light industrial use. We work very close with our local communities and have created massive employment opportunities within the Park and beyond!

Most of our quarry customers are construction companies, developers & private individuals.

The quarry is a simple operation whereby we dig out the gravel from the hillside using excavators & a payloader. It is then loaded onto the back of 6m3; 10m3 & 18m3 tippers. These tippers take the gravel across the weigh bridge where it is weighed & then despatched to our customers. There is no blasting or crushing of the material!

Once we have completed an area, we rehabilitate the area by levelling the overburden into suitable platforms for Light Industrial use! This will be the last phase of our development as we remove close to 500 thousand cubic metres of gravel. This last platform will be just over 30 thousand square meters of light industrial platform ready for Top structure development.

Giba Precinct is based on Green Sustainable Building practices. The Business Park is an integral part of the Quarry Rehabilitation process as per the approved Environmental Management Plan (EMP). We are rehabilitating an existing Gravel borrow pit into one of the Premier Business Parks in the Country! As part of our sustainable journey, the Material quarried is an “Energy Efficient” material based on the Memorandum written by experienced Traffic Engineer, Rick Millard (Attached). This aligns our process with the Sustainable integrity of the Giba Precinct!

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We are very experienced in this field of gravel and can solve any problem you may have.  If you have a problem that needs filling, we can help you out.